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Staff Recruitment & Retention in 2021 and Beyond

The United States—like the world—is aging, a product of fluctuating birthrates and increasing life expectancy.

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Creating Efficient Systems that Streamline Workflow with Referral & Discharge Management

For a home health and hospice agency, each area needs to operate from a system that is built on efficiency and maximizing productivity. There are so many vital components to running a successful...

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Improve Operations and Promote Retention with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) Programs are sweeping the nation as the newest and most logical way to help treat patients at home to deliver the highest quality of care for the lowest cost. Home...

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Building an Effective Claims Management System via Accounts Receivable (AR)

One of the primary challenges that home health and hospice agencies face is collecting payment after services have been rendered. Working with claims, whether it’s through private insurance...

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Streamline Financials with NDoc for Billing Management

Home health and hospice agencies are often faced with the challenge of securing a streamlined and effective billing management system. This system promotes financial health within the agency and...

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How Agencies should Plan to Retain Staff After the Upcoming COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate from CMS Takes Effect

Home health and hospice agencies are continually faced with the challenge of retaining qualified, talented, and loyal staff members. An agency is only as strong as its workforce, and a number of...

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Revenue Cycle Management - How a Streamlined Revenue Management System Contributes to the Health of Your Agency and Your Ability to Retain Good Staff Members

For any home health or hospice agency, finding qualified staff members that can maintain daily operations is critical. Developing processes and systems that support retention begins with identifying..

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