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Thornberry’s intuitively designed and guided visit journey supports your clinicians in delivering their Care Plans to patients, so that the appropriate assessments, interventions and outcomes (AIOs) are addressed and the necessary data is documented for each visit.

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Clinician Focused Workflows

Save time and money by using NDoc, the EMR that works the way your Clinician's work.

Intake & Referrals

Get your in-bound referrals and discharges imported with accuracy and speed into NDoc. Accurately capturing in-bound referrals and discharges ensures continuity of care, and helps improve the financial performance of agencies. NDoc supports both automated and manual capture and input for referral information, so that you get the data in NDoc and it is available across the course of care. Automated importing of referrals reduces the time and cost involved in data entry and mitigates the occurrence of bad data in the system. Agencies can quickly move to intake and scheduling of initial visits, and facilitate timely billing because they do not have to wait for manual data entry of referral information.


Easy to access dashboards, reports and workflow queues mean that Clinical Managers see their team’s availability and can efficiently manage the utilization of clinical resources, while maximizing patient visit volume, which improves quality, cost savings and satisfaction.


NDoc provides a single repository for the collection and storage of all patient-related documentation. Customers are able to access the NDoc Library, searching and accessing the documentation they need to drive patient care. NDoc can also auto-read and populate data from selected documents, and then field that data into the system, so that users have instant access to and a permanent record of the patient information.


NDoc builds on best practices while maximizing efficiency with flexible workflows enabling your clinical resources to provide care based on how you operate.

  • Configure hard or soft stops that prevent (or allow) scheduling visits

  • Identify referrals without insurance or physician pre-authorization.

  • Schedule centrally, in the field or a combination of both. Exact matches

  • Create custom criteria for efficient resource management.

  • Customize NDoc to your agency using tables, settings and field requirements.

Physician Ordering

Timely routing, sign-off and capture of physician orders is essential to NDoc’s documentation repository. Physician order workflow supports the send-approve-receive-store process of orders, so that clinicians can easily access and adjust for additional changes and order approvals all within NDoc.


Need to message over to a clinician or teammate or see if you have heard back from a physician? NDoc facilitates communications amongst team members and stakeholders within the platform. Customers can take advantage of the Direct Messaging functionality within NDoc to keep users from having to go outside of your EMR to send or check messages, by providing this functionality within the platform.


Clinical maintenance of the Medication Administration Record means having access to standard medication lists and facilitating the capture and recording of a patient’s information, including any specialty formulary. NDoc integrates access to the largest database of commercial medications, and provides an easy way for clinicians to add them to a patient’s profile.

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