Our Journey

For decades Thornberry has been delivering excellence for Home Health and Hospice Care Agencies and their patients.
1992: Thornberry Founded
The impetus for Thornberry’s creation was to provide an alternative to large scale and rigid, acute care nursing documentation systems
1993: First hospital contract
Development paid off; the first contract awarded to Thornberry was by a neighboring hospital embracing Thornberry’s best-of-breed approach to patient acuity, nurse care planning and nursing notes
1994: First Home Healthcare System Goes Live
First Hospital based customer deploys Thornberry’s thought-leading clinical pathways-based system for acute care divisions
2000: Post-Acute Care Services Launched
Thornberry splashes into the post-acute care systems world targeting Medicare-certified home health
2002: Introduced Web version
Thornberry developers leapfrogged from DOS over Windows directly to the Web, rolling out a completely new browser-based replacement for its original system— at no cost to supported customers
2003: Hospice Care Services Added to Portfolio
Based on a unified data model, customers begin adding Thornberry’s Hospice Care service module
2009: Platform Upgrade to Support Data Exchange
Anticipating greater demands for meaningful provider data exchange, Thornberry evolves data management platform to support future needs
2013 - 2014: CCHIT Certification & 1st Best in KLAS Award
Thornberry demonstrates compliance with requisite functionality, security and interoperability requirements for Stage 1 acute and ambulatory EMRs, and is bestowed its first Best in KLAS Award for Homecare
2014 - 2016: Best in KLAS Awards for Home Health
Best in KLAS Award bestowed each year for our Home Health solution
2016: Health Information Exchange Technology Platform Deployed
Thornberry adds support for advanced interoperability features, thereby providing its customers competitive advantages in their communities
2017 - 2019: Best in KLAS Awards for Home Health
Marking a record-breaking 6 consecutive years that Thornberry earns the Award for Home Health
2020: Awarded KLAS Category Leader for Home Health and Hospice
Thornberry rated #1 by customers once again, making it seven years in a row

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