Home Health & Hospice

Interoperability has the power to transform your home health and hospice agency by enabling smoother transitions of care by providing home health integrations with the medical community. NDoc makes interoperability a reality by processing the C-CDA CCD and its content directly into NDoc.

With better interoperability, you maximize the efficiency of your EMR:

  • Interactive Reports: Customizable reports including a summary of the data, also providing ODBC reporting tips with data dictionary elements displayed.

  • Sub-Reports: Interactive Report that allow for additional configurations.

  • Regular Reports: Represent general reports that can be viewed, printed, and in most cases, exported

The Power of Interoperability

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Reduce the Time For Patient Intake by 45 Minutes
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Save $30,000 Per Year With Streamlined Data Entry
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Avoid $6,000 In Accounting Costs And Data Entry Mistakes

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