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7 years.That’s how long Thornberry’s NDoc has been top-ranked by KLAS for Home Health and Hospice Software & Services.

What is KLAS?

KLAS is a research firm on a global mission to improve healthcare delivery by enabling providers
to be heard and counted. Working with thousands of healthcare professionals and clinicians, KLAS gathers data on software, services and medical equipment to deliver timely reports, trends and statistical overviews. The research directly represents the provider voice and acts as a catalyst for improving vendor performance.

Provider-Driven, Provider-Centric Research: “The research KLAS conducts comes from providers and is for providers. KLAS doesn’t make recommendations; we share the data and let the research speak for itself.  “We speak with decision makers, managers, and end users of the products you care about to provide insight on which vendors are true partners and which are only building tools to be sold, not used.”

Why You Should Care

KLAS ratings are based on customer interviews covering six customer experience pillars: Culture, Product, Relationship, Operations, Loyalty, and Value. Customer rate vendors on key performance categories such as Implementation and Training, Functionality and Updates, Service and Support, and more.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

“I personally have worked with Thornberry for quite a number of years. They have always been supportive of our needs, and they stay abreast of the frequently changing CMS rules and regulations and adjust their product accordingly. The vendor has multiple educational tools that have shown to be useful for staff training.”
Chaney C.
Director, Information Technology
“Thornberry has done a very good job of helping us prepare for 2020. There are many changes in the home health industry, and Thornberry has given us training as well as software to test and use to meet the new regulations. Thornberry has helped us to meet all of the governmental requirements.”
Allie V.
Senior Director, Specialty Pharmacy Operations
“Thornberry gave us on-site support, and we were happy to have them here to help troubleshoot and figure things out. They provided on-site training and support during the first week of implementation, and the support was great.”
Bill K.
Executive Director
“NDoc is a very intuitive product, and it is easy for our staff members to use. They aren’t trying to figure out how the heck it works and how it can be useful for documenting their patients. We do not have any of those issues with the product.”
David E.
Chief Care Officer
“Thornberry does a really good job with upgrades. It is rare that we come across bugs related to an upgrade, and if we do, the vendor is very quick to address them. We have dreaded upgrades in previous experiences, but we don’t feel that way with Thornberry.  They do monthly upgrades, and most of the time, the upgrade process feels like nothing. That is a good thing and keeps us moving.”
Penny A.
“NDoc fits in well with the homecare outcomes and goals what we have. Most of our staff members pick up the system pretty quickly… Overall, I would definitely recommend it to a peer. It works really well for our agency.”
Maxwell H.
Resident Care Coordinator
“I have compared NDoc to other EMRs, and I think that NDoc offers a lot more freedom in the documentation… Thornberry has been very supportive about the changes CMS made with the PDGM. Thornberry has been proactive and has developed tools to help us.”
Cameron F.
VP Operations
“NDoc encourages our clinicians to be timely with their documentation, and that keeps us compliant. The clinicians are less likely to miss items in the documentation. The product keeps us honest.”
Debra A.
Human Resources
“Thornberry has been helpful in the sense that they have provided input on what we can expect to see and what changes will look like. With NDoc, we are able to see in real time what a patient’s case mix is, what the potential reimbursement is, and how the changes will impact the reimbursement… Thornberry is very proactive. They send out memos and education materials to make sure we are as well informed as possible.”
Noah G.
“I have found NDoc to be a very well-rounded product geared specifically to home health. There are a lot of similar products out there that are more generalized, but I love the home health specificity within Thornberry’s product.”
Reagan F.
Assistant VP, Network Operations
“Hospice regulations are becoming stricter in terms of patients and diagnoses, and we have to make sure that we aren’t seeing patients that we shouldn’t be. NDoc allows us to capture the most detailed information that will help us with claims audits in the long run. The system is beneficial because everything within it would help us prove our case if anyone ever took a look at our charts. Other programs seem to be a bit harder to use, but NDoc is pretty easy to navigate.”
Russ T.
Nursing Ops
“NDoc has everything that we need in order to satisfy all Medicare, claims, and documentation regulations. If  people take the time to play around with the product and get to know it, they will find it to be really user friendly. The vendor has a lot of different options to make the system efficient for customers’ work, and that is a good thing… I can pull reports and other types of information and quickly access things that would normally take me an hour to access… It is really user friendly and offers a lot of benefits.”
Ruben R.
Nursing Informatics
“Thornberry’s upgrades are easy. Thornberry does a webinar, and the release notes are helpful in letting us know what is coming. Thornberry always does what they say, and when they can’t do something, they say no. Thornberry is easy to work with.”
Peter F.
“Thornberry seems to always be up to date on everything. As soon as we know that changes are coming down, Thornberry updates the system and tells us what changes were made. We never have any problems like we did with our other vendor. NDoc has always been updated and managed well.”
Rachel C.
Home Care VP
“Overall, the system is easy to use. It is simple and straightforward. There are not any major improvements that I want to see…Overall, we are very satisfied with the system.”
Nicholas G.
Telecoom Director
“NDoc meets our needs without any problems. NDoc’s ease of use is excellent.”
Robert S.
“From an interoperability standpoint, it has been very helpful to be able to import CCDA documents over. That has saved our clinicians a lot of time in terms of putting in medications, and that has been a huge advantage for us. Also, we have implemented Thornberry’s eFax capability, and that has saved the staff in our front office a lot of time in terms of having to manually fax orders to physicians. Those two key features have
really helped from an automation standpoint.”
Michele U.
Franchise Support
“We have been with Thornberry for several years, and there have been a number of changes that have come down the pike, some of them major changes. And we haven’t
been disappointed.”
Melissa J.
OASIS & Coding Manager
“The support is unbeatable; it is above and beyond anything I have ever seen. The support people are quick, amazing, and off the charts. We don’t always get everything we ask for, but we can pretty much ask for the moon. If the vendor can give something to us, they deliver.”
Colette G.
Director, Revenue Cycle
“Thornberry has never slacked off. Their turnaround time is good, and they are very prompt. If we have an issue, we can talk to somebody who really strives to resolve things.”
Remy F.
“Thornberry keeps their promises… We have had several different vendors in the past, and I really feel like Thornberry is more responsive and constantly provides updates. We always get the initial updates when they come out, so there might be some bumps, but the upgrades are usually for the best. The vendor listens to their customers. They allow us to submit ideas that would make the software better, and they take those things into consideration.”
Christy W.
“I can’t say enough about the service and response that we get from Thornberry. We are able to put in a ticket and get a  response within five minutes, and that is almost unheard of. Thornberry’s responsiveness really sets them apart… NDoc seems to be light-years ahead of other products. Thornberry’s service is second to none. NDoc is the only [system] that we feel confident about getting a response from the vendor.”
Andre K.
Director & Group Channel
“Thornberry gets right back to me when I pick up the phone or send an email, even if I just have a tiny question that I should know the answer to. I like dealing with Thornberry in that way. I think our organization has a complicated setup, and the software allows us to do what we need to do. We can tailor NDoc to our little niches, and I like that.”
Virginia D.
Chief People Officer
“The Thornberry help desk is amazing. The people are very friendly and responsive. I feel like if I were to call the support people today and say that I had a problem, they would drop everything to help me. Even if the support people were at the end-of-the year crunch, they would stop and help me. I can’t say enough. Support is a big deal in this industry.”
Dennis D.
Director, Information Technology
“Things are going well with NDoc. Thornberry has made a lot of changes in the past couple of years, and they are going in a good direction… We have interfaced NDoc with some systems, and that has gone well. We feel like we have a partnership with Thornberry, and we have seen a lot of improvement in NDoc. Thornberry always helps us when things go wrong. They are responsive.”
Jack J.
“Things are going well. We have not had any problems over the past year. Thornberry is always up to date on everything, and they are always developing new things to help us meet new regulations. We are very satisfied; we don’t have any problems or issues.”
Frank S.
“NDoc has never disappointed us. The only glitches we have ever had have just [been] in the background… Thornberry has very quickly resolved any issues. Thornberry is very responsive to problems that occur.”
Yolanda F.
VP of Nursing
“Thornberry is a good partner. They listen, and we feel like we are in things together. Thornberry tries to recognize the thorns in our sides and solve those problems. That goes a long way.”
Charlotte R.
Vice President
“The vendor keeps up with current regulations and makes sure that we have everything that we need and want individually. Overall, the vendor does a good job with industry issues.”
Linda F.
Director Clinical Services
“Whenever we call Thornberry, they can always walk us through any issues or give us a reason why we need to do things a certain way. Thornberry is always there when we try to call them.”
Lorenzo L.
IT Business Management
“There are always things that organizations wish their EMR did differently. The system never works exactly the way users want it to work. However, NDoc has been good, and Thornberry is a great partner. When we want to try something new like an interface, Thornberry makes sure that the communication is working for the whole group and that the follow-up is set up. Thornberry does a really good job with that.”
Kenneth J.
Director, Information Technology
“We are a large corporation with very diverse needs that other organizations may not have. Thornberry does listen to us, and they definitely try to keep up with our needs and the changes in the industry.”
Amy A.
VP of Nursing Services
“We have calls with a representative at Thornberry so that that person can check in on us and see how things are  going, what we would like to improve, and what we need to work on. That has been huge for us, and we very much appreciate the ability to create a clear plan of what we want with Thornberry. Overall, we have been very pleased with Thornberry.”
Becky Y.
Legal and Compliance
“One of the best things about Thornberry is that they get back to us really quickly. Anytime that we come up with an idea, the idea always gets put in the developer’s hands, gets discussed, and usually gets implemented. Thornberry works with the end user, and that isn’t something we get with all software factories. I love that Thornberry actually takes our ideas, finds out whether they will benefit not only us but other organizations as well, and then develops those ideas.”
Jess B.
VP of Finance
“NDoc is definitely part of our long-term plans. We would buy it again because it is very comprehensive.”
Cynthia F.
Dietary Operations
“I think we have received our money’s worth for NDoc. I pay that bill every month”
Timothy Q.
Director, Risk Management
“I can’t say enough about the service and response that we get from Thornberry. We are able to put in a ticket and get a  response within five minutes, and that is almost unheard of. Thornberry’s responsiveness really sets them apart… NDoc seems to be light-years ahead of other products. Thornberry’s service is second to none. NDoc is the only system that we feel confident about getting a response from the vendor.”
Heather T.
Vice President of Clinical Care

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