The Thornberry Difference

All EMRs claim to improve patient outcomes, compliance, and efficiency, but at Thornberry, we know that your experience in achieving those benchmarks makes all the difference to your agency.

Empowering Clinicians

Thornberry was started to help nurses navigate their documentation demands. Our company's DNA revolves around maximizing clinical time, minimizing non-clinical tasks, and accurately capturing data when it is happening. We help our customers learn and grow, and by doing so, support them in their success.

Come partner with Thornberry and see the difference.
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More Than Just Software


Named the #1 EMR for Home Healthcare and Hospice care agencies for the past seven years, and in 2020, named the KLAS Category Leader.

Clinical Support

We go beyond how to use a tool. With hands on Clinical trainers, we step in to help your team support your clinicians and administrative operations teams in delivering efficient, compliant and patient-focused care.

Comprehensive Training

Part of going above and beyond means ensuring you’re set up for success from the get go. Unlike other EMRs, we provide comprehensive training via clinical nurses. Our training has been rated #1 year after year by KLAS because of our focus on empowering users to support your agency’s processes and providing guidance around industry best practices. Thornberry support means dedicated clinical partners.

True Interoperability

Not all interoperability was created equal. With NDoc, we focus on the opportunities that will drive measurable efficiencies within your agency from day one.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

“NDoc is a great product. It is top of the line for me. I have worked with several other software systems, and so far, there isn't another one that I would use besides NDoc. It is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Everything can be uploaded remotely. The office staff members work on the server, but the majority of our clinical staff members work remotely, and they can sync up their data once they have an internet connection.”
Lisa G.
Executive Director RN
“Nurses that have worked in other homecare agencies like the NDoc workflow. It is smooth. Thornberry has implemented a lot of things to make the workflow easier. Nurses that have come from doctor's offices struggle with the product just because the documentation is more detailed in homecare than in a physician's office. OASIS reporting goes smoothly in the system.”
Stephanie P.
Director, Nursing
“With other software companies, the people don’t know what they are talking about. With Thornberry, I get the right person the first time. Thornberry’s support staff is extremely well trained, and I don’t have to go through the nonsense of trying to get to the right person. That is huge for me.”
Mark G.
Director, Health Information Management & Privacy Officer
“The support we have received from Thornberry has always been excellent. The turnaround times for resolutions to problems are very quick. Issues are typically resolved the same day they are reported.”
Christine S.
Executive Director
“I really like that NDoc is designed so that clinicians don't miss anything. The system prompts people to do what they are supposed to. I love the daily analysis I get every morning. I get a snapshot of everything I need when I get into the office, and the data is easy to view."
Mary A.
Director, Administration
“NDoc has given us a lot more control from a quality assurance perspective.  We are able to better track our performance improvement plans and our outcomes so that we can meet our measures. The system is a lot better than what we had previously."
Darrell P.
Clinical Analyst
“When outside people come in and tell us about how we need to evolve or adapt and show better records, I reach out to Thornberry, and they are willing to work with us to determine how to keep us compliant. Thornberry adapts and changes according to what we need. It is great having a partner like Thornberry who will still work with us on a one-on-one level so that we can ensure we are staying compliant.”
John K.

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