Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Home Health & Hospice

The 21st Century Cures Act caused CMS to mandate that all States implement Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for all in-home care services provided by Home Health Care Agencies. This can be accomplished through a mobile application, a secure website, a mobile phone or a landline telephone to geo-locate an in-home care provider’s physical location when delivering care.

With EVV, you can:

  • Comply with State-specific geo-location data documentation and improve reimbursement

  • Increase financial accountability by reducing the number of unauthorized services

  • Discourage and reduce missed or late visits by recording the exact location and time of visit

  • Allow real-time visibility of clinician/caregiver locations and real-time alerts to late or missed visits

  • Provide real-time availability of caregiver schedules and notification of changes

  • Allow secure, real-time communication between clinicians/caregivers and agency

  • Support different types of visits, including unscheduled and shared care visits

  • Ensure more accurate mileage reimbursement using global positioning software (GPS), and support individual agency mileage policies

  • Offer accurate GPS-based mileage recording and timekeeping for out-of-home visits and other patient- and agency-related travel

  • Increase efficiency by reducing paper documentation traditionally associated with visit verification, allowing for immediate electronic billing and for automatic payroll entry

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