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NDoc is built natively on the HealthShare™ interoperability platform, the market-leading engine for health information exchange.

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  • Interoperability: the next stop towards patient-centric care

  • Faster and less expensive connectivity to HIEs, ACOs, and acute, post-acute and ambulatory EMRs

  • Integrated Direct secure messaging

  • C-CDA Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) can be sent, received, and parsed

NDoc’s rapid information exchange technology quickly connects your agency data with HIEs, ACOs and providers across the healthcare continuum allowing the complete picture of a patient’s health to emerge during treatment.

Strategic interoperability enables you to capture, share, understand and then act on the data, which translates into better medical care and better patient outcomes. Everyone wins.

To help accomplish the ARRA/HITECH goal of improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs, much emphasis is being placed on better handling of patient transitions from one level of care to another and from one provider to another.

Key to better transitions is better data sharing between providers, best accomplished when providers use systems that are “interoperable”… systems that, by design, use a standards-based approach to information exchange.

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