20 Years of Customer Excellence

Thornberry Celebrates 20 Years of Providing Homecare Solutions
for Better Patient Care

May 24, 2012, (Lancaster, PA) -Thornberry Ltd, a technology company that develops business and clinical automation software for homecare and hospice agencies, marked its 20th anniversary this month in conjunction with its annual User Conference. Thornberry was created in 1992 to provide an automation solution for the documentation requirements of the healthcare industry that would enable real-time charting and access to patient data and documentation across all disciplines.

The Start of Something Big
In 1992, Chuck Peth was the CIO of a large community hospital located in Syracuse, NY that developed a Nursing Notes application for the nursing staff. That application was the genesis for NDoc.

First, as an acute care documentation system, NDoc was implemented at the Syracuse hospital with much success. This led to a fateful call from St. Joseph’s Hospital upon hearing about their achievements in productivity with NDoc. A critical pathway based care planning and charting tool was needed for the homecare division of St. Joseph’s Hospital to enable them to be more efficient in plan of care execution. Thornberry rose to the challenge and the solution evolved to what NDoc is today for skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech, nutrition, respiratory and social work to solve for the unmet needs of homecare providers. From the early stages in an acute care setting, to now solely focused on home health and hospice; NDoc is synonymous with the home health and hospice industry. The NDoc solution continues to expand as the market and customer requirements evolve.

“Our strategy has always been patient-centered as the end result, by improving the overall clinical documentation management for NDoc users. We’ve remained committed to providing the best possible clinical solution for caregivers in Medicare-certified home health organizations.” said CEO, Tom Peth.

A History of Customer Excellence
After the success of the NDoc solutions was proven by Thornberry’s first customer, other agencies began to learn about the benefits of NDoc. That was 20 years and many customers ago. Today, thousands of users realize improvement in their productivity and accuracy with clinical point of care delivery. This evolution empowered agencies to improve patient outcomes for thousands of patients, all the while enhancing their business operations for long-term growth and profitability.

“We have accomplished much in the past 20 years, solving real business problems so that home healthcare and hospice agencies can deliver better care for patients while achieving solid business performance. When our customers are successful, then we are successful.” said Peth. He added, “The future of the home health industry is yet to be seen, but you can be assured that the Thornberry team will continue to not only meet but exceed the technology needs of homecare and hospice businesses.”

A 20th Anniversary Celebration
Thornberry will hold its 15th Annual User Conference in Eden, PA from May 22nd through May 24th. The User Conference is an event for customers and employees to celebrate the individuals that contributed to Thornberry’s growth and success over the past 20 years. The User Conference will be an educational event as well with homecare industry thought leaders sharing best practices of strategies to improve the patient experience, surviving RAC audits and what to expect in the new homecare regulatory environment.

“This is truly an exciting time for Thornberry,” said Peth. “We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate our achievements over the past 20 years, while recognizing our customers.”

About Thornberry
Founded in 1992, Thornberry LTD is a trusted provider of integrated business software solutions for home healthcare and hospice agencies. Thornberry’s proven NDoc technology and flexible processes are tailored to the unique workflow requirements of home healthcare and hospice clinicians. The user-friendly system and powerful workflow capabilities deliver accurate, efficient and cost-effective outcomes, enabling users to focus on fulfilling overall business objectives.

Thornberry develops specialized solutions and services for home health care and hospice providers. NDoc helps you practice connected patient care, by providing you with the crucial interoperability between home-base care and the rest of the healthcare continuum. For more information, visit www.ndocsoftware.com

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