Advances in EMR Software that Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Electronic Medical Records provide a safe, easy way for physicians and caregivers to keep accurate files for their patients. Advancements in EMR technology have paved the way for a better healthcare experience in several fundamental ways. The features discussed below are just a few of the fundamental components to add to your comprehensive care plan. You can also learn more about how to develop a comprehensive care plan in our free downloadable whitepaper.

Reliable Screening Reminders and Treatment Follow-Ups

Many patients, even well insured patients, lack proper screening and follow ups. EMR software provides a simple, streamlined way to ensure that patients are notified for appropriate screenings and that their treatment plan includes all appropriate follow ups.

Bringing Best Practices to Point of Care

New EMR technology has made it possible for healthcare providers to access a wealth of information and resources related to their patients’ conditions. By looping into this database, providers are instantly able to access best practices that may otherwise be buried deep in medical journals. This enables providers to seamlessly improve the standard of care offered to patients and access the latest scientific resources and evidence-based guidelines regarding their patients’ health.

Improved Patient Safety

Electronic Medical Records offer many safeguards for patients, as they reduce transmission errors for pharmaceuticals or laboratory testing that are ordered by physicians. Physicians and clinical staff can also more readily access patient information that is stored in databases or registries to provide the most accurate diagnoses.

Better Support and Training

EMR Software, such as our Thornberry EMR, provides unfettered access to support and clinical training to ensure that staff members are able to utilize all of the features the program has to offer. Advanced training is essential to ensure that physicians, nurses, and all clinical staff involved in patient care have access to the same accurate data. With the evolution of EMR technology, the features and array of uses are seemingly limitless.

Maintaining Compliance with EMR Software

EMR Software is also designed around compliance so that rules, regulations, and healthcare laws are followed. With patient safety at the forefront,

EMR Promotes Safer, More Affordable, Higher Quality Care

Within the framework of any great EMR technology is the mission to provide better, safer, more affordable care. The in-depth technical analyses made possible with EMR software allows for deep dive into billing and financials to identify inefficiencies in the system that are creating unnecessary costs. For example, after a study conducted by a large Seattle employer, EMR software allowed them to discover a high cost of care related to conditions that didn’t require MRI or CT scans but that were still being requested by physicians at a high rate. Correcting this inefficiency saved the facility a substantial amount of money and led to more efficiency within their care framework.

Developing a treatment plan that utilizes EMR software elevates the standard of care offered by any facility for all of the above reasons and many more. For more reading on the various ways that EMR software is improving healthcare outcomes, please visit:

You can also download our free whitepaper here to learn more about how to create a comprehensive care plan with Thornberry EMR.

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