Comprehensive Training Enhances Clinicians’ Experience with EMR Software

EMR Software has expanded significantly to include an array of new features and technologies to improve quality of care and workflow for healthcare providers and patients. A software with these powerful capabilities requires exceptional training in order to fully utilize and maximize its many uses. Offering adequate training on the software is essential for any EMR provider and results in a better experience and integration with the facility or practice.

At Thornberry, we are committed to providing exceptional support and training, which is one of many reasons we are consistently ranked #1 by KLAS as the best EMR software provider in the industry. Our training aims to empower clinicians to minimize non-clinical tasks, maximize clinical time, and capture data as accurately as possible from every touchpoint.

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Our comprehensive training spans every facet of our software and helps set your organization up for success from the start. Beyond our training, we offer dedicated support to our clinical partners to ensure that you are always delivering patient-centered, evidence-based care.

Compliance with Systems and Regulations

One of the primary functions of comprehensive training is to ensure that clinical staff are able to maintain compliance.

Understanding How to Utilize the Interoperability Structure

Interoperability is a key component of the Thornberry EMR and one of the standout features of our program. During training, we take our clinical partners through the entire interoperability structure to ensure full understanding and awareness of all core components to the system. Once properly trained, navigating transmission of data is seamless and simple.

Promoting Better Understanding of Key Features of the EMR Software

EMR software offers many varied uses, and taking the time to understand each one is vital to taking full advantage of this powerful software. Training should not only encompass empowering providers and caregivers with the tools to utilize all of the associated features, but it should also provide guidance and support for adopting industry best practices. This ultimately results in a much better and more fundamentally complete understanding of the software itself and the many ways it can be incorporated throughout the organization. This results in improved healthcare outcomes, accuracy and compliance, as well as streamlined internal workflow.

Improve Overall Satisfaction with the Software

One key difference that exceptional training makes in adopting a new EMR software is enhancing the overall satisfaction with the software itself. Clinical staff are able to seamlessly begin integrating their workflow processes to incorporate the software, and this creates a much better overall environment and experience for all involved. It can be challenging adapting to a new system, which is why comprehensive training makes such a difference.

When developing a comprehensive care plan that includes a new EMR software system, make sure that comprehensive training is offered to all support staff and anyone who will be utilizing the technology.

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