EMR Software Enhances a Clinician’s Ability to Provide Exemplary Care

EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Software is a cornerstone of providing exemplary care by allowing facilities to offer a streamlined, systemized approach to documentation. This documentation can then be shared to ensure accurate information is captured and used to treat patients, enhancing the clinical experience and improving patient outcomes.

EMR software like Thornberry minimizes non-clinical tasks, maximizes clinical time, and captures real-time data accurately. EMR software should always be accompanied by comprehensive training and clinical support to ensure seamless integration with internal operations.

Interoperability is another core function that sets the best EMR’s apart, as it allows data to be shared with different healthcare agencies. This allows clinicians and staff to offer the most comprehensive treatment plan and reduces errors from inaccurate or incomplete data transmission between staff.

We’ve created a whitepaper that explores how to create a comprehensive care plan in more detail. Download here.

EMR Helps Organizations Stay Better Organized and Informed

According to the National Center for Biotechnology, organizations utilizing the latest EMR technology are better informed than those who do not.

Electronic medical records help clinicians provide the best level of care by offering treatment, prevention, or screening reminders.

EMR intervention has been tested and proven in randomized clinical trials to improve patient outcomes by allowing data to be shared. This shared data is then cataloged in a database that houses other information and resources to help guide providers in providing the best care to patients.

EMR Improves Communication Between Physicians and Medical Staff

Electronic Medical Records help to facilitate open communication between staff and patients, creating a better relationship that results in better patient outcomes. EMR Software contains a variety of features which allow staff to more accurately present information to patients, thus helping to develop trust and transparency.

EMR Improves Workflow and Provides Accurate Documentation

Physicians and clinicians maintain a mostly favorable view of EMRs. They  have reported an enhanced workflow and reduction in clinical errors due to the implementation of EMR software. Many clinicians have reported an ability to serve and treat more patients due to the efficiencies created by the implementation of EMR software within their facility. Clinicians report benefiting most from remote access to their patient’s EMR, enhanced availability of lab reports, as well as patient reminders to ensure proper prevention and treatment practices are properly implemented for patients.

In addition to the above meaningful enhancements to patient care, interoperability is one of the core functions of EMR software that has been impactful and beneficial to both patients and clinicians alike. Interoperability is a core feature of Thornberry’s EMR and is one of the key reasons our software is consistently ranked #1 by KLAS year after year.

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