ICDLogic and Thornberry collaborate to solve ICD-10 challenges in home health

MAMARONECK, N.Y., Aug. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — ICDLogic, an innovator in clinical documentation and ICD-10 compliant solutions today announced its partnership with Thornberry Ltd. to provide CypherLink service inside NDoc®, a fully CCHIT Certified® Long Term and Post Acute Care (LTPAC) electronic health records (EHR) system designed specifically for homecare and hospice management. Thornberry received the distinguished Best in KLAS award for Homecare software for 2014 and 2013.

“We spent 20 years building NDoc into the frontrunner of home health EHRs by understanding the unique needs of our customers,” says Tom Peth, Thornberry President and Chief Executive. “ICDLogic has done the same by recognizing that ICD-10 is a clinical documentation challenge that begins with the provider, not the coder,” he added.

CypherLink is the EHR-integrated version of Cypher by ICDLogic, an intuitive web-based clinical documentation and ICD-10 workflow tool built for speed, ease of use, and expert clinical documentation guidance. Designed by clinicians, coders and CDI experts, Cypher quickly generates the most specific ICD-10 and ICD-9 codes based on clinical thinking. It reminds clinicians to document relevant underlying causes, additional factors, complications and comorbidities that accurately convey complexity of care.

“Most EHRs consider their systems ICD-10 ready by providing flat pick-lists of all the potential ICD-10 codes with no clinical documentation guidance,” explains ICDLogic CEO, Monique Fayad. “Many EHR problem lists default to an unspecified code as the first choice, which is the likely option a busy provider will select. Use of unspecified codes undermines full and fair reimbursement for providers and can trigger denials and queries that delay cash flow. ”

“Full and fair reimbursement is crucial to home health providers,” adds Peth. “Our valued customers can’t afford the certain cash flow disruption that ICD-10 will bring, and CypherLink helps ensure they won’t.”

NDoc with CypherLink will be available for subscription beginning in September.

About ICDLogic

ICDLogic builds innovative, intuitive, web-based clinical documentation and coding software that enables providers to receive full and fair reimbursement for the care they provide. Focused on improving accuracy and efficiency, ICDLogic’s fast, easy and affordable tools empower providers to reclaim lost productivity and protect cash flow by minimizing the queries and denials that are forecast to increase with ICD-10. For more information visit us at www.icdlogic.com or call 844-452-0808. Please direct all ICDLogic inquiries to: Jackie Morey at 908-268-8451 or jmorey@icdlogic.com

About Thornberry

Founded in 1992, Thornberry Ltd. is the creator of NDoc® – a complete homecare and hospice management information and electronic medical record application. NDoc’s key functional elements include clinical documentation and compliance, workflow management, financial management, business intelligence and document management. Powered by rapid information exchange technology, NDoc is a connectable application able to quickly share data with healthcare providers across the continuum. NDoc is a powerful, flexible and comprehensive solution that increases clinicians’ efficiency, improves patient outcomes, provides rapid interoperability and enhances employee morale and agency profitability. “NDoc®” is a registered trademark of Thornberry Ltd.
www.ndocsoftware.com Please direct all Thornberry inquiries to: Kelli Coviello at 617-957-6930 or kcoviello@thornberryltd.com



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