Thornberry Partners with Qualis to Improve Hospice Efficiencies

LANCASTER, Pa. and ROCKYMOUNT, N.C. November 5, 2021 – Thornberry, a leading home healthcare and hospice care electronic medical record (EMR)software company, today announced a new partnership with Qualis, the nation’s first durable medical equipment (DME)management firm, to improve efficiencies for hospice agencies.

The alliance creates a seamless experience for agency staff to place and manage DME orders directly from Thornberry’s NDoc interface, limiting the number of user sign-ins and streamlining the entire process to save both time and effort. Caregivers and clinicians can now move easily from patient charting within Thornberry to ordering essential medical supplies with the click of a button.  

"At Thornberry, interoperability is at the heart of everything we do,” said Peter Brown, President and CEO of Thornberry. “We know that hospice agencies provide better care when they can limit the data entry points and number of systems they're logging into. The partnership with Qualis is a direct reflection of our dedication to using interoperability in support of clinical staff and the quality care they deliver."

The collaboration is a natural progression for Thornberry, which has led the EMR evolution in the post-acute home health and hospice markets and created a strong reputation for superior clinical strengths and client support. In the next phase of development, the partnership will allow DME data from Qualis to appear in the patient record, conveniently storing everything related to a patient within the Thornberry system. 

Jared Kelley, Qualis President and CEO, added: “It’s clear, now more than ever, that nurses are heroes, and nurses who commit to serving hospice patients deserve the world. At Qualis the mission is simple: to give nurses back one of life’s most valuable resources –time. From managing DME headaches to simplifying the ordering process, these are the motivations behind our mission-driven organization.”

Thornberry's market-leading software NDoc is built on the HealthShare Interoperability Platform and has been CCHIT Certified® since in 2011. The NDoc EMR software has been ranked #1in its category by KLAS Research since 2013 and continues to receive high marks in both performance and its ability to help customers solve practical and operational challenges.  

About Thornberry

Thornberry is a leading provider of comprehensive hospice and home health EMR software, improving patient outcomes, ensuring regulatory compliance and maximizing efficiency in medium to large Medicare-certified agencies for nearly 30 years. Thornberry's flagship product, NDoc, ensures that the job is done right the first time, while providing unparalleled time savings with true interoperability. A seven-time Best in KLAS winner in the Home Health and Hospice Category, Thornberry is the clear industry leader in electronic medical records for these agencies. To learn more, visit

About Qualis

Formed in 2005, Qualis is the nation’s first DME management company that enables hospices to improve DME costs and optimize DME utilization to provide the best patient experience. In addition to managing DME vendors, Qualis acts as a single source software to manage contracts, consolidate invoices, order, and track DME deliveries. The result is a partner focused on improving patient care, lowering costs, and providing effective management tools. Learn more at


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